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Interview with Salaam Shalom and Dr Madge Dresser, Know Your Bristol, June 12th 2016

In this interview with Salaam Shalom and Know Your Bristol, Dr Dresser discusses:

- the growth of the Jewish community from the Medieval era onwards

- her move to Bristol in 1970, with comparisons between Bristol then to London and Los Angeles

- her anti-racism work 

- the Bristol bus boycott

- her book Bristol: Ethnic Minorites in the City 1000-2001

- Lord Mayor Helen Bloom, the first female Jewish Lord Mayor, and the history of the Strimer family

- the history of synagogues in Bristol, and synagogues in Bristol today

- DAVAR, the Jewish Cultural Institute in Bristol

- partnership between the Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue and the Muslim community in Barton Hill

- the Torah scroll at the Progressive synagogue

- how the Jewish high holy days are celebrated in Bristol

- Jewish artefacts Dr Dresser found for M Shed

- involvement in the discovery of the bet tahorah Medieval ritual bath on Jacob's Wells Road

- the intellectual and political growth and identity of the Jewish community from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century in Bristol and the UK