The Bristol F2 Fighter




1. It was a two saeter bi plane that specalised in spying and fighting.


2.Most people called it the Bristol Fighter but some called it the Brisfit or the Biff.


3.It was first flown in 1916 and last flown for the millitary in 1930.


4.In 1916 it cost £1,350 to make, which is now £58,000, very cheap for an aroplane.


5.key numbers:


maxiumum speed: 125mph(198kmph)

guns:                      3

wing span:              39 feet 3 inches

bombs:                    240 lb

lencth:                     25 feet 10 inches



Good Work! I like the use of the picture of the plane itself.

I realy like it but there are a few spelling mistakes

Did you know there is one preserved in the Shuttleworth Collection.