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Interview with Maureen and Charlie Davies, Greenbank, February 25, 2014

What are the boundaries of Greenbank? In this sequence from an interview, Maureen and Charles Davies, who have lived near the cemetery gates in Greenbank Road for many decades, offer their own definition of what exactly counts as Greenbank. For them, Greenbank very much only stretches from the cemetery gates to the former Castle Green Church. Would you agree to that definition?

-Marcel Thomas: The people who live around here, do they identify with Greenbank or Easton or...? -Maureen: This is Greenbank. Definitely Greenbank. Easton is that way... -Charles: Greenbank, Greenbank, don’t go down there. Greenbank is only these couple of houses here. -Maureen: No, it’s not. It’s from what used to be the co-op, the Castle Green Church, down here, you know, what the Pakistanis are doing up now, the Pakistanis have bought that now and they’re turning it into a mosque. From there, that road down there... -Charles: See the address, this address is [silence inserted, MT] Greenbank Road, Greenbank, Bristol. Not Eastville or Easton, Greenbank. -Maureen: Past the old wall is Eastville. Past there and up there it’s... oh God. -Charles: Greenbank is about five blocks of houses. -Maureen: Yeah, that’s probably it. It comes from the top of this road to the Church that’s been done up, that’s it, just to the other side, this side of the wall. And that is it, that is Greenbank. And where the school was, that was Greenbank. But after that, no it wasn’t. It’s stupid really, but... about five or six streets, that’s all. -Charles: I don’t know what they call that up here, where the new houses are going in. It’s Greenbank Road up there, but I don’t think it comes under Greenbank? -Maureen: Oh... yeah... -Charles: It might come under Clay Bottom even more? -Maureen: That’s it! Clay Bottom, on the top of the road, that’s Clay Bottom on my side