Jenny What makes Greenbank Special.mp3


Interview with Jenny Green, Greenbank, February 27, 2014

Jenny Green has lived in Greenbank Road for more than two decades. This is her attempt to answer my question about what makes Greenbank special for her.

What makes it special? Uhm... I think it’s location is what makes it special, where it is. It’s central to a range of other areas. You’re kind of in the middle of everything. But at the same time, I think a lot of what is special about it is some of it’s history, I think also the stuff of where it is, because, you know, you’ve got easy access to the cycle path and so on. There is a lot of green space around here. And also because of the way that there is a sense of community feel. Whether you want to or not, there is always somebody wanting you to get involved in something. If you want to, it’s all out there. I don’t know if you’ve looked at... there’s like community board in the Spar, and people will put up what they’re doing, from instrument maker to I don’t know, lessons to whatever they’re doing. So that in itself, it’s almost quite old-fashioned. You don’t get that everywhere. Where you’ve got places like that, where you can find out what’s going on, but also... if not through there, then because everybody talks to one another, within reason people talk to each other. There’s a lot of information, and there’s a lot going on. I mean, from December to December, if you are interested, there is just so much happening. From things for the children, like the street parties, which are great, to various groups and art groups to music and whatever. And I think that’s what makes it quite special. I know that is happening in other parts, but the range of it... And we’ve got some really good restaurants and cafés and cultural stuff going on. And I think that real mix, that melee stuff is what makes it really interesting as well. And we are lucky to be right in the middle of it here.