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Interview with Jenny Green, Greenbank, February 27, 2014

Jenny Green has lived in Greenbank Road for more than two decades now, and she has spent her whole life in Greenbank or Easton. In this interview sequence, recorded at a time when the Greenbank Pub was closed, she recalls how the pub had changed compared to when she first moved to Greenbank - and expresses her hopes that this meeting place of the local community would soon be reopened.

It used to be a pub, yeah. I remember it when I first moved here. I remember it. It was a lovely, old-fashioned pub with the old wooden seats and so on. It was really interesting. The sort of place you go in and if you’re not local, everybody stops [laughs]. And you think “ohhh!” That was what was kind of interesting and nice about it. From then, somebody else took it over and made it into a bar-cum-club, so it’s been many things, but it’s been a permanent there. So, you know, fingers crossed. I hope it will be opened again as a pub, because we can do with something local to be involved in.