Jeff What is Greenbank.mp3


Interview with Jeff Turpin, Stapleton, March 19, 2014

Jeff Turpin has run the Spar shop in Greenbank Road since 1965, and for a couple of years he also lived in Greenbank. In this sequence, he describes how Greenbank seems like a very clearly defined area to him - almost like "a little world of our own".

I think, in those little areas, somehow you seem to think you are living... I don’t know why you should really, but you seem to take it you’re living in a little area that’s bordered by let’s say Robertson Road, maybe as far as Bruce Avenue, and Belle Vue Road. And that takes you as far as the cemetery of course. But for some reason, yes, you like having your own little area rather than be part of a much bigger... I mean, you were aware, I suppose, you were looking at a large part of Easton, but you’re quite happier being part of your own little immediate circle rather than spreading your wings out that much further. Why should we think we are any different [laughs]? But yeah, somehow you seem to look at the people that live immediately around you rather than going to far afield for it. I suppose it’s the case, you gotta stop somewhere. If you go on there, you get to Old Market. The other way, you’re getting to Stapleton Road or Barton... well, Barton Hill, or... what’s there? Lawrence Hill. But yeah, you never somehow put yourself as part of the bigger area. I don’t know why, but I’ve never thought of it that way before, it’s true. We do like to think we’re in a little world of our own, don’t we [laughs]?