City Records office, 4 37164/PM/5/12 Newscutting from the 'Western Daily Press': article on Firfield House, Knowle, Somerset, with illustration 1905 Jun 10

The story below reads: 'here Joseoh Cottle lived for many years, a man whom all the world knows as the Bristol publisher, who helped usher in the great literary revival -- the friend of Coleridge, Wordsworth, Lamb and Lander. Here he kept his literary treasures, and the famous series of portraits which the world owes to him and which are now safe, a national possession, in the National Portrait Gallery. Here he was visited by distinguished men, of whose names it would probably be easy to obtain a tolerably complete list. The private chapel in the grounds, since turned into a dwelling house, is one of the places connected with John Forster, whose sermons were so eagerly read, though few could be got to listen to them.'

10 Summer 1905