Bristol Record Office, Ref:BRO38759/1

Harriet Keyser, Isaac Jacob’s daughter, sent this letter to David Samuels, manager at her father’s glass manufactory, on 10th of June 1808. Harriet is planning a party, and asks David to send her a set of glassware. What was a party plan two hundred years ago is now an important historical document. This letter tells us what glass Jacob’s company was manufacturing. The list includes blue and clear glass, as well as glass ‘gilt-edged’ in gold. Harriet asks for a decanter, a jug, champagne glasses and ‘finger cups’, as well as glassware for lemonade and jelly. This might be the ‘Dessert set’ that Isaac’s advertising campaign described as ‘burnished gold upon royal purple coloured glass’, which they ‘had the honour of sending to their Majesties’.