Interview with Salaam Shalom and Know Your Bristol On the Move, 12th June 2016.

Salaam Shalom talks with a member of the Muslim community in Barton Hill. The conversation includes the interviewee's memories of the area, including:

- moving to Bristol in 2003 and how Bristol has changed since then: 'I fell in love with Bristol and stayed.'

- Barton Hill as a 'family area'

- development of the local mosque from a disused pub

- development of Urban Park for children

- the interview takes place during Ramadan, and the interviewee describes nineteen hours without food or drink, what the discipline teaches, the community feeling, and the Iftar at Barton Hill Settlement, to which all people - not just those who have fasted - are invited

- their work

- community cohesion: they're used to be racial tension and violence 'but now everyone gets along'; the role of Barton Hill Settlement in promoting this cohesion

- the interviewee gives her thoughts on community cohesion: 'People should just get along, because we live in the same area, we live in the same buildings, we go to the same schools. It doesn't matter what religion or colour you are. At the end of the day we are all human beings. In our religion there is no colour - Islam has no colour, anyone can be Muslim. ... Everyone is equal, it doesn't matter what religion you are, you need to repsect each other.'


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